Miles Maeda began his DJ career in 1988 spinning records for college radio.  A classically trained musician as well as practicing yogi, he brings a unique perspective and approach to his music.  On the outside, his style is a well balanced blend of Chicago house.  On the inside, it is crafted with musical intricacies which have become his trademark.

Living in Chicago in the early 90’s, he worked alongside his fellow nu-ravers Derrick Carter, Mark Farina and Spencer Kincey as a purveyor of new electronic dance music.  He held residencies at Smartbar, Berlin as well as the legendary Shelter.  Miles later moved to San Diego to study yoga and meditation, infusing his practice with his musical productions.  He eventually combined these plethora of activity and began developing educational projects and teaching around the globe.

Miles is currently enjoying his residency in Tokyo, and continuing the development of his yoga projects. Stay tuned.

MIles Maeda
photo by Jim Bingham

photo by Junko Kimura

photo by Alison Rath

photo by Marc Hauser

photo by Rachel Mummey

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    what good memories and mixes miles brought to us here in sunny san diego around “95 96” i remember dreamy dark nights at the loft groovy house mixes and wonderful times you rock miles.
    al p

  2. Sid #

    I got a couple of mixes from when you played Mad Hatters in Leeds. How can I submit these for your site?

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