Painting (cassette version) / 1997


Click to play or click here to download this mix!


Click to play or click here to download this mix!


This is the 90 minute version of Painting (with original artwork!).  Compared to the CD version, it has extra tracks and heads off in a different direction on side 2.  I note my support and inspiration for this in the liner notes:

for the inspiration…
derrick, mark, josh, heather, oscar, hector, darryl, mark e.q., daeman
you made all the difference…
jahnne, patty, colette, michele, julie, james, jerry, michael, kevin, justin, lisa
for the work…
murshid, rudi, alia, margie, eli, biped
just for being you…
gramaphone, material, airtight utilities, atmospheric audio chair, deep grooves, beat parlor, elevator, red nail, guidance
thank you.

Here it is, back from 1997, for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

Painting (cassette version)

1. Playin’ 4 The City – Hall 3
2. Kevin Yost – Filtered Luv
3. Tina Turner – In Your Wildest Dreams (Deep Dish Paradise Mix)
4. INXS – Everything (Jaxx Love Dub)
5. D’Influence – Hypnotize (M.A.W. 12″ Mix)
6. George Benson – Song For My Brother (Zulu Dub)
7. DON-E – Don Perignon (Restless Soul Peaktime Mix)
8. Llorca – Take It As A Dub
9. Retro Emotion – Madisons’ Playground 
10. Ratcliffe – bBack To Da City
11. Blaze – Lovelee Dae (20:20 Vision Main Mix)
12. Second Thought – Deep Penetration (Deep Dub Mix) 
13. Sylk 130 – When The Funk Hits The Fan (Mood II Swing Main Pass)
1. Phillip Ramirez – Keep The Faith (Chris Simmonds Mix)
2. G Flame & Mr. G – Feel Da Groove
3. Lil Louis & The Party – Clap Your Hands
4. Byron Stingily – Flying High (Rascal Dub)
5. Mindchime – To Be Someone
6. En Vogue – Whatever (Tuff Jam Unda-Vybe Dub)
7. Flabbergast – Shine Two
8. D*Note – Waiting Hopefully (Footprints Vocal Mix)
9. Opus III – When You Made The Mountain (MK Remix)
10. Soul II Soul – Pleasure Dome (Booker T Dub)
11. The Brand New Heavies – You Are The Universe (Tuff Jam Special Rub)
12. Cassio Ware & The Funky People – I Like You (Restless Soul Peaktime Mix)

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  1. Acidman #

    Ah “Painting”…listening to this mix really takes me back to a simpler time, a BETTER time during the 2nd golden age of house in Chicago. A time when record stores were thriving and the scene was jumping! What’s that…? You have a time machine you say?! Why, I’d be delighted!!!

  2. Paul #

    Hi guys!
    I’m Paul from Flabbergast.
    Great selection, thanks to put “Flabbergast – Shine Two” here.
    It’s funny to ear my track with songs of Lil’Louis, D*Note, Soul II Soul, Brand New Heavies or En Vogue my “All-Times-Inspiration”…
    It’s a an honnor.
    Take care.

  3. david #

    Lovin painting miles,just sublime,i think we are a privaleged generation to have house.

  4. Dominus #

    Thanks for doing this mix and posting it up for others to discover/rediscover. I have long since lost my tape. Painting is one of my all time favorite mixtapes. So simple yet tugs on the strings of your soul. Very much influential to me as I later started DJing.

  5. MsE #

    OMG!I bought this cassette in 1998 and WORE IT OUT for 10 years. It was always the right cassette for any mood. When I moved to the Bay Area in 2008, I attempted to put this on an mp3, but alas, the cassette was too messed up. Now, because I mistyped another DJs name for my podcast I found you again and have the mixes. Yay!

  6. 6

    Miles, Painting = Smiles, dancing, life long friendships. transition, and sunshine. I bought both the CD and tape in SF. That same night my friends and I took the “Camper Bus of Love” and drove to Ocean Beach. We watched a beautiful sunset with Painting playing in the background. Byron Stingily – Flying High (Rascal Dub)- Always magic. I can close my eyes today, listen to Painting and my soul smiles. Thank you Miles so much. 🙂 BTW – The “Camper bus of Love” is still part of the family…

    All the happiness, philuP

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