Everybody Wants To Be The DJ – 2017



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Industrial music made such a huge impact on me when I first discovered it. Depeche Mode definitely cracked opened those doors, but it was seeing the video for Sensoria that really kickstarted it. You can hear its spreading influence in the big drums of late 80s dance tracks. And to me, industrial and 80s dance always paired together well. So here I cast the net wide while digging deep to unearth those obscure/hidden gems. Please enjoy Total M’s homage to the dark, edgy, glittery, and grandiose sounds of 80s ‘Industrial Dance’.

Everybody Wants To Be The DJ

1. Fats Comet – Dee Jay’s Program
2. Ohama – The Drum
3. Brilliant – Love Is War
4. Mai Tai – History
5. Shabazz – Unified (Spankie’s Reprise Edit)
6. Ministry – The Angel
7. Propaganda – p: Machinery (Polish)
8. Skinny Puppy – Last Call
9. Psyche – The Saint Became A Lush
10. Toto Coelo – Girls Night Out (Dub)
11. Ice-T – Cold Wind-Madness (Part 1)
12. High Fashion – You Make Me Feel So Good (Ben Liebrand Extended Mix)
13. Peter Jacques Band – This Night (Special Promo Remix)
14. Goon Squad – Eight Arms To Hold You (Dub)
15. Front 242 – Commando Mix
16. Keith LeBlanc – Move
17. Z-Factor – I Am The D.J. (Dub Mix)
18. Jago – I’m Going To Go (Instr. Plant Remix)

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