Live @ Stompy, San Francisco / 2000


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Being here in San Francisco has inspired me to post this live set, recorded at the STOMPY party back in February of 2000.  I believe it was at the Barneveld space which had a nice warehouse feel with a delectable sound system.  These parties have a certain nostalgia for me, as it was my first SF gig in ’95 back when it was called Stompy Stomp.  This recording is extra special!  Aside from being raw and unedited, I challenge you to figure out why…

Enjoy!  And thanks to the entire STOMPY crew, both past and present!!

(below is the track list off the top of my head…)

Live @ Stompy

1. Free Energy – Teach Me To Fly
2. Wamdue Productions – Track Two
3. 2nd Shift – What Gets You By
4. Majestika – Mind Magic
5. …
6. Idjut Boys – Oh La La (Crispin J. Glover remix)
7. Blaze – Wishing You Were Here (A Vision For Jane mix)
8. Johnny D & Nicky P – Fly
9. …
10. …
11. Ron Trent / Joshua / Abacus / Chez Damier – Untitled
12. Bernard Badie – Love Explosion
13. Boo Williams – Big Fat Woman 2000
14. The Messenger

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  1. 1

    3. is 2nd Shift on Seasons methinks. B-sidin’!

    13. is Boo Williams – Big Fat Woman – newer mix not orig Cajual…

  2. MilesMaeda #

    Yes, 2nd Shift & Boo Williams. Muchas gracias, Michael!

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