“Gee, Your Beats Sound Terrific” / 1998

gee your beats sound terrific!!

Click to play or click here to download this mix!


Click to play or click here to download this mix!


The past few posts have adventured more into the dreamy, etherial musical realms.  So let’s pick it up a bit with something you can sink your teeth into.  This (I believe) was the second release in the Champion Sound series, back from 1998 with the original b/w artwork.  And if you didn’t catch the memo, this (along with the other previous cassette mixes) have been remastered by yours truly.  So get downloading, and enjoy…!

“Gee, Your Beats Sound Terrific”

1. Ultra Nate – Found A Cure (Mood II Rascal Seach Dub)
2. Mr. James Barth & A.D. – Above The Skyline
3. G. Flame & Mr. G – De Bunk
4. Olav Basoski – House Of Wood
5. G. Flame & Mr. G – Taken It
6. Projam – More
7. Azymuth – The Quest (Roc Hunter Supafat Re-rub)
8. Sanasol vs Ozzy – Seveneleven (closedonsundaysmix)
9. Jammin’ Unit – Untitled
10. Dialect – Sitting In The Sun
11. Edward Louis – Holy Spirit
12. Microman – Stay In Bed (Flowingpad Mix)
13. Norma Jean Bell – Dreams
14. Sade – Haunt Me (Dub)

1. Secret Sounds – Get It Together
2. Richard F – Good Love (Da Dronez Dub)
3. Paul Johnson – White Winds
4. David Ospina – Love Rhythm
5. Bob Sinclar – Vision of Paradise
6. Naked Music NYC – It’s Love (Joshua’s Mo’ Musique)
7. Fred Everything – Watcha Gonna Do (Dub)
8. Voices Of Life – The Word Is Love (Mood II Swing Dub)
9. Violet Trax – Don’t You (Kojak Mix)
10. Funkshun – Feel Real (Lust Mix)
11. The Deep – Classio’s Theme
12. Weezie Jefferson – The Smack
13. Romantnhony – Get It 2 Getha

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