Livin^ / 2003

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mixed in 2003 to promote the Livin^ weekly party at Martini Ranch, San Diego CA.


1. Roland Clark – Speak To Me: (Fakes & Fonies Tellurian Remix)
2. Broken Home – Nickle Bag
3. Kojak feat. Jemeni – Art To Breathe
4. Charlie Brown & That Kid Adam – Push Your Body
5. Dirty Sole: Scattered Jazz – (Dan x Dirty Skat Dub)
6. Mike Dixon – Pain Is Gone
7. Track Yankers – Good Ol (JH Goody Goody Dub)
8. Rework – You’re So Just Just
9. Natural Rhythm – Your World
10. Kaskade – Lost Groove
11. Ashantease – Foolish Rmx
12. Mister O – I Gave It All Up: (Natural Rhythm Remix)
13. Inland Knights – Fresh Feet
14. Swirl People – Say Ooh! (To Da Jazzman)
15. Martin Venetjoki – Be There
16.  Kid Creole & The Coconuts – Stool Pigeon (Boris Dlugosch & Michi Lange mix)
17. Clyde Built Project – Big Dipper
18. Eastbound – Madou (Swirl People Remix)

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  1. luis elizondo #

    hi Miles, so proud to see this posted….brings good memories with you in SD!!

  2. Matt #

    A friend gave me this mix when it was first released and after a few listens it got lost in cd spindle land. I stumbled on it again (2014) and 10 years later it’s kickin my ass!!!! A real testament to what a great selector and DJ Miles is. Mixes like this or “Painting” (more than 20 years old now?) still sound relevant-way to go!

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