Stand Right, Walk Left / 1998

stand left walk right

Click to play or click here to download this mix!


Click to play or click here to download this mix!


Here is my airport moving walkway inspired mix ‘Stand Right, Walk Left’.  The designer must have thought he was overseas where they stand ‘left’ and walk ‘right’.  Ooops.  The songs here are left to play out with the focus being less on overlapping blends and more on the spacial and textural elements of each track.  It’s definitely one of the deeper mixes I have done and is part of the era of mixes (Painting, Material Sound, At 7am Hovering, Peaceably So, Gee Your Beats Sound Terrific) that were created up at the mountain yoga retreat where I had been studying/living at the time.  So if you’re having the kind of day where you’re feeling to let the busyness of life pass you on the left (or right…), these 90 minutes are for you.

Stand Right, Walk Left

1. Kim English – Learn 2 Luv (François K’s “Atmospheric Mood” Mix)
2. Melissa Bell – Surrender (Late Night Dub)
3. USG – Ncameu (Cocoinstra)
4. Lisa Stansfield – The Line (Ian O’Brien’s Desert Funk Mix)
5. Toothpick – Soulside
6. D*Note – Waiting Hopefully (Faze Action Dub)
7. Fingers Inc. – Distant Planet (Dub Mix)
8. Kevin Yost – Days Like These
9. Global Communication – The Groove

1. Chris Brann – Journey To The Center
2. Mateo & Matos – Spiritual Journey
3. JT Donaldson and Chris Penny – Changing Times
4. Chez Damier – Close
5. Kevin Yost – 2 Wrongs Making It Right
6. House Of 909 – Love Of God (Future Soul Orchestra Remix)
7. D*Note – Lost & Found (Spiritual Union Vocal)
8. JT Donaldson – The Breeze

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  1. 1

    amazing as always!

  2. 2

    more than many, the opening on this changed my life….love, miles! d


    The beginning of side 1 WILL absolutely save your life. I have been listening to it solid for the last 3 hours. Occasionally I have to take my headphones off when it gets too good because I just can’t handle it. Viva Miles!!!

    And please sir…can we have some more…just like this!

  4. Clint L. #

    ? Which mix of Chez D’s Close is this

  5. 5

    I seriously think this whole mix is just the best! I thank you over and over Miles for changing the way I have looked at music. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  6. Christian Clark #

    Miles is and always will be one of the most hidden masters of House music. Very few people can mix with emotions like Miles. Thank you my friend.

  7. MKW #

    agree with dj_s & Stephanie from Sydney . The first track with that soothing piano opening has no right to be on house music mix but praise the lord it is just a beauty to behold , life changing !!

    my meagre brain could not separate the best of Miles Mixes but this , Isness , 7am , Painting & Easy should be award winning !! best dj ever

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