Eve ryd ayl if e / 1995

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What can I say about this mix.  It’s out there…  One of my personal favorites.  It belongs to the quadrilogy of mixes which include A La Peanut Budder Sandwiches, Star, and The Golden Age.  All in all, this is a very eclectic collection of electronica with hats off to Detroit/Chicago artists and the many whom they inspired.  One side ends with the ambient ramblings of The Black Dog and Air Liquide (a nod to the 70s psychedelic band Brainticket) and the other with the blurred d&b/downtempo echos of Subsurfing and Attica Blues.  You’ll start on planet Earth and end up on a space trip.  So sit back and enjoy the journey!

Eve ryd ayl if e

1. Robert Fripp – Preface
2. Phenomyna – Travellor
3. State Of Flux – New Lanark
4. The Black Dog – Chase The Manhattan
5. Reese – The Heavens (Mayday Mix)
6. Kenny Larkin – Java
7. Quazar – The Treasure
8. Tru Funk – 4AM
9. Move D – Eastman
10. Dr. Timothy Leary Meets The Grid – Origins Of Dance
11. Infiniti – Think Quick
12. Walker – Untitled
13. The Gherkin Jerks – Strange Creatures
14. Balil – Island
15. Air Liquide – Liquid Air

1. Legion Of Green Men – Time Tunnel/Eternal Opuscule #78
2. Ross 154 – Mayflower
3. No Smoke – Ra Ra…East Of Eden
4. William S – I’ll Never Let You Go
5. Romanthony – Wanderer (CD Remix #9)
6. Ultramarine – Skyclad
7. Sapien – Amor Negro (Rockers Blackheart Mix)
8. Bogus Order – Zen Africa
9. David Alvarado – Can You…
10. A Man Called Adam – Little Mrs. Pepperpot (Pt. 2 & 3)
11. Mark Broom – Mile End
12. St. Germain-en-Laye – Dub Experience
13. Subsurfing – The Number Readers
14. Attica Blues – Contemplating Jazz

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02 2010

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  1. 1

    this is what heaven sounds like.:))))

  2. AB #

    side 1 is so great, especially between tracks 5 and 12… and until this I had completely ignored that mix of the wanderer on side 2

  3. Jessica #

    Your are the greatest of all time!!
    I wish I could sponsor you to promote me, but I don’t have that kind of capital.

    Wishing you my best,

  4. keith #

    This is my first mixtape presented to me personally by miles in 1995. What would have been one of his first dj sets in san diego got broken up by the fire dept:( Miles was a welcomed addition to SD in the late ’90s. Alot of people play house music, but not too many play the way miles does. He just seems to be one of those people that whatever he does, he does feet first, 110%, all or nothing, whether his yoga studies, or his music, his presence is known wherever he resides.

  5. AB #

    Still great… BTW, that comment about Romanthony from 2010 was referring back to the first time I heard the tape, in 1999, my roomie Ben had it. … tons of amazing track on here, thanks again Miles.

  6. 6

    This mix legitimately saved the life of myself and a dear friend of and at the time. Thank you, so grateful to have this in my life again.

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