The Glamorous Life / 2010

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A special treat for the Total M fans.  Get it while it’s hot, hot, hot!

The Glamorous Life

1. Marius – Jet Set (Ray Mang Bonus Beats)
2. Surround Sounds – Beyond The Dance (Total M Revenge Rework)
3. Madrid – Iron Ways (Bit Funk Remix)
4. Web Queawry – Searching
5. Ilija Rudman – Call Me Tonight (The Revenge 1-800-Mix)
6. Frank Solano – Get My Lovin’
7. Helsinki 78-82 – So Lifelike
8. Penguin Prison – A Funny Thing (Monarchy Remix)
9. Midnight Club – Hot Space
10. Dadahack – Hello
11. Classixx – I’ll Get You
12. Priors – What You Need (Grum Remix)
13. Sean Roman – Lick
14. Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream (Treasure Fingers Remix)
15. Bit Funk – Love Scientific
16. Justin Faust – Holdin’ On
17. Röyksopp – Happy Up Here (Breakbot Remix)

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03 2010

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  1. Ryan Atkins #

    Love it! Thanks Miles!

  2. 2

    Stellar….as usual!:)

  3. Joseph #

    Miles, as always, masterful practice, my friend. Minneapolis/Chicago/Scando/Aussie, Space-funk/Disco-opera, Cartoon-superadventure/Cosmic-Override, HEAVEN…

  4. Ryan Atkins #

    Given this non-stop listens since it was posted. I’ve been listening since 94 and I think this may be my favorite Miles Maeda Mix of all time! Total M.

  5. Joseph #

    Yeah, Ryan’s right, Miles…this is wei wu wei, a pinnacle summary of the art of Djing, period. Total candy for the heart and soul.

  6. Emily #

    This is absolutely outstanding!

  7. Brian #


  8. 8

    I am soooo lovin these mixes on your site!!! A buddy of mine who you tutored in dj classes by the name of ryan olson pointed out this website and along time ago we went to smartbar to watch one of your amazing sets and he introduced me to you…I’m sure you don’t remember though…anyways keep up the awesome work and I’ll try an catch one of your next gigs if you happen to swing by chi-town!!

  9. 9

    Hey all, It’s been 3 years and Miles hasn’t followed this Masterpiece up with part 2. So Here is a remastered Edit. I hope you like it.

    P.S. Miles, WE NEED PART 2!

  10. Ryan #

    5 years out this NEEDS a part TWO!

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