Painting (CD version) / 1997


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Here is a mix I did back in 1997 while living up in the mountains during my 2-year intensive yoga/meditation training.  Enjoy what is one of my most favorite compilations of music…

Painting (CD version)

1. Playin’ 4 The City – Hall 3
2. Kevin Yost – Filtered Luv
3. Tina Turner – In Your Wildest Dreams (Deep Dish Paradise Mix)
4. INXS – Everything (Jaxx Love Dub)
5. D’Influence – Hypnotize (M.A.W. 12″ Mix)
6. George Benson – Song For My Brother (Zulu Dub)
7. DON-E – Don Perignon (Restless Soul Peaktime Mix)
8. Llorca – Take It As A Dub
9. Retro Emotion – Madisons’ Playground 
10. Ratcliffe – Back To Da City
11. Blaze – Lovelee Dae (20:20 Vision Main Mix)
12. Second Thought – Deep Penetration (Deep Dub Mix) 
13. Sylk 130 – When The Funk Hits The Fan (Mood II Swing Main Pass)
14. Phillip Ramirez – Keep The Faith (Chris Simmonds Mix)
15. Incognito – Everyday (Masters At Work Everydub)
16. Kevin Yost – Spring Again
17. Mark Grant – Spirit Of The Black Ghost
18. Black Magic – Let It Go (M.A.W. Dub)
19. Corrina Joseph – Wish Tonite

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  1. Chukster #

    Miles, thank you so much for bring such joyful music to our souls. You are fantastic. I have played, and continue to play your “painting” Cd, I have played so much that it has worn out! I love it! Again, thank you for being such a great lover of gooooood music!

  2. Matt Dubtrousers #

    Thanks so much Miles. This mix sounds as good as it did 13 years a go…really beautiful.

  3. mkw #

    ah man the song that kicks in at 23 minutes and lasts for about 1.5 minutes is one of the most delicious pieces of music i have heard in my life – i seriously need to aquire the full version – Miles this mix is a true masterpiece

  4. mkw #

    i mean 25 minutes not 23

  5. mkw #

    the song incidentally was retro emotion madisons’ playground – found it at last !!!!

  6. Evan Smorovsky #

    This and Beatific Beats are two of my top favorite mixes of all time… Thanks for bringing me some of the most euphoric journeys through your awesome taste in music and supurb dj’ing skills. Truly a Zen-Daze lol.. God Bless Miles

  7. Ted #

    I sent you a check in the late 90s/early 00s to buy this CD. 🙂 I had the cassette version and it crapped out. Pleasantly surprised at the bonus CD version when i got it!

  8. 8

    Still excellent after all these years 🙂
    Hope you are well Miles!

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