Welcome to my blog project for sharing the array of mixes I have done over the years.  I began my journey back in 1989 with college radio and have been experimenting since then with a wide spectrum of content as well as presentation.  What resulted was this collection of tapes, CDs and DATs which ran the gamut of electronic music genres and trends.

My goal with all mixes is to create studio-style projects which can be listened to over and over again, focusing on the art of programming and crafted blends.  Granted, none of them turned out ‘perfectly’ but they capture the essence of my vision.  With the continuing evolution of music today, I feel its important to provide this history for music aficionados new and old to appreciate.  So enjoy!

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  1. Balazs Bognar #

    Hi Miles,

    Not sure how often you check on these comments, but thanks for posting your old mixes. I collected all of your mix cassettes on Ok GO! back in the ’90s, in college. Apparently some people at Deep Grooves (RIP) in St. Louis knew you and stocked your tapes… I still have them, but I’ve been searching for digital versions ever since. Anyway, if you by chance have the mix called “Easy,” I’d love to listen in as well. I grew up on your mixes! 🙂

    Thanks and peace,
    (in Tokyo via Boston and St. Louis before that)

  2. Nathan #

    Hi Miles,

    How are ya? It’s been many years since we crossed paths. We had a few mutual friends in common back in the day. Lance Robertson from Deep Grooves introduced us in St.Louis back in 93-94. My bro Dan and I ran into you at the Orb tour in 94 when Derrick played afterwards. That was a great night! A few years later, I moved to Seattle and the first person I befriended was your cousin Brookley. What are the odds? 🙂

    Anyway, Brookley and I traded tapes of yours back then. I traded your Bliss tape for her downtempo tape you made. I to this day can’t remember what title of it was. The cover had a rough black and white image of Jesus and the insert had and explanation that if you stare at the dot on his forehead long enough, an image would appear. Well, I can’t say it worked for me, despite trying for hours on end while listening to the mix. Lol…. Not enough Buddhist concentration I guess. The tape featured a song that had a lyric ,”Look for the spot”, which I thought was very clever on your part.

    So, I would have to say that is my favorite downtempo mix I ever had in my collection. Yes, that’s right, over the years it was misplaced it. Is there any chance it will make it out from the Maeda archives?

    That would be most excellent.

    I hope life is treating you well.



  3. 3

    I have this mix called “easy”. I definitely think it should be posted here cos it’s my fave
    in fact they have it on thescenesaver.
    I wonder if anyone here could id the tune stuck in between side A and side B after the ram project one.

    damn that mix was good

  4. johnny #

    hey miles… was wondering if you could post your mix ‘gee your beats sound terrific’.. from my memory, i think this was the one that had the mix of ‘the word is love’ that i still have yet to find to this day!!! if you could post a track list as well please it’d be oh so appreciated.. thanks!!

  5. MilesMaeda #

    Thank you all for your posts/requests. I intend to have everything in my archives on here at some point, plus any new mixes (like the Total M projects). To keep my sanity, I’ll be posting them every 2 weeks or so. Thank you in advance for your patience! I’m working on getting these up next (in no particular order):

    cosmic disco evolution
    the golden age
    gee, your beats sound terrific
    and a few of the earlier breakbeat/rave mixes (oh yes indeed!)

    There are still more, so stay tuned and enjoy!


  6. David R. #

    Miles 🙂 this is a wonderful way to share all your accomplishments in the art of DJing. I know I will have weeks of entertainment and remembering those early years we all had in Chi-town. THe house of Love, the small parties and after parties. Wishing you the best as always….safe journey

    PS. Thanks for the photo of the old passes 🙂

  7. 7

    Hey Miles,

    Could you drop me an email regarding the mixes we have up of you at ravearchive.com? Didn’t realize you were doing this and I don’t want to step on any toes. If you’re cool with us hosting your older mixes (1990-2001), I’d love to upgrade the source material too!

    Killer site and I love the commentary and tracklists.


  8. brushfunk1 #

    Bliss and CDE rarely were unplayed in the times of sunrise drives back from who knows where. Totally destroyed now by wear; Bliss to the point of being happy to find a reissue.
    Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but; any chance of adding Electribal Skull Dubbery and Uncontrollable Falling Down to the to do list? I’ve got 12 all original tapes and didn’t see those mentioned anywhere.
    18 years ago? Wow was that fun!

  9. 9

    I was doing an online search for “Atlantic Fusion” and “Don’t Fail Me Now”. I found the song in one of your mixes. I’d love to showcase your work and point people in your direction. My audience will love the sounds. Love your work and much respect.

    dj come of age


  10. 10

    Mr. Miles Maeda,

    Good for you, sir! Captial idea. I was actually searching the internet to track down one of your older mixes (“Us,” specifically – cassette anything is difficult to find), and though I couldn’t find it here, it was good to see a lot of other mixes were.

    Take care and all the best!

  11. 11

    So glad to find this site…and a digital version of A La Peanut Budder Sandwiches!

  12. 12

    Miles, thanks for posting these mixes. Discovered this site at 11pm and it is now 3am and im wide awake listening to Isness. This and Painting really takes me back.

    Thank you!


  13. macwarezhaus #

    Miles, I saw you spin at many a rave in both Chicago and Milwaukee way back in the day. I even got the guys from Matisse (RIP) to book you for your gig there on June 1st in 1997. I recorded that set directly off the main club PA mixer to my DAT. I still listen to the mix frequently and it has a bit of crowd effect to it from the mic at the bar… but it’s barely audible. In any case, the mix sounds great. If you would like, I can rip a copy to 320kbps MP3 and send it to you. As a matter of fact, I even designed the posters to advertise for the gig. Ah, the memories! Thanks for putting all of your stuff up for us to enjoy.

  14. DS #

    Amazing set of mixes here. I randomly thought of an old mix where you’d played Kid Creole and the Coconuts’ “Stool Pigeon” (goofy track, but memorable) and typed in your name, and it was like hitting a serious goldmine. Your tastes are very eclectic and run deep — and I’ve been through the whole gamut, from getting in to Acid House and New Beat in ’91 (hey, I was in a small town and little behind the times) to the harder rave sound, to deep house, classic electronica, jazz, downtempo, dub, and all the rest. I’m now 37 years old and don’t really go out anymore and have added a lot of classical music to my playlists but still love the whole spectrum of music here. You definitely made my day so THANK YOU!

  15. M. #

    Greetings Miles,

    I have to share appreciations for the music which you have been sharing through your mixes. You have provided me with a soundtrack through some of the best years of my life and as I continue this amazing life journey having someone who can thread great tracks together in such a unique way allows me to continue discovering musical pleasure!!

    Thanks on behalf of all of those fine music lovers out there!!!

  16. 16

    Hi Miles! You might remember me, but you probably remember my sister, Jennifer, from your IU days.
    Thank you for posting all of this great music. I’ve really enjoyed the Meltdown series- it takes me back!
    BTW, I transferred some of Jenn’s tapes to the computer- we have some of the Meltdown series not posted here!

  17. Rashid Khan #

    I keep checking back on this page to see if Channel D is uploaded.

    Do you have any plans to re-master and upload it?

  18. Adrian Ezra Grant #

    Hey Miles. I’m looking to find the mix where you played the track that included the following lyrics, “all I want to do is spend my time right here with you….I care for you.” Do you remember this track/mix? I have been searching my catalouge. Please help. Lol.

    Hope you’re well.

  19. Bryan Clark #

    Thank you Mr Maeda. Xanaxdu has been there for me for 1/4 of my life and continues to guide me;)

  20. Jefferson #

    I had no idea there was a donate button otherwise i would’ve donated a long time ago.
    Thank you so much for making these mixes available digitally. I have cassette copies of almost everything you put out in that format.
    These mixes are timeless.

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