Ante Meridian : Post Meridian / 1992

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Here we have yet another installation of the Meltdown series, number 16 to be exact.  This mix features some darker UK breakbeat (hence Rufige Cru), and is the last of my breakbeat mixes.  It’s pretty rough, just flipped on the tape recorder and started playing records (and don’t even ask me about a playlist…).  It was never circulated widely, but I’m inspired to share this because Jimpster played our Love Tempo party here in Tokyo and this mix actually has one of his early moniker Flag tracks (we chuckled about it).  So buckle up, and get ready for a voyage into the darkside.


09 2011

Love Tempo – Spring Edition / 2011

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Here I present to you a broadcast from my Love Tempo Radio show aired back in March.  Along the lines of Stand Right, Walk Left, it’s a lazy 2-hour stroll on the sultry shores of a cerulean sea.  Relax your mind and listen to the music…

Love Tempo – Spring Edition

1. Do It Proper – The Ride (Joshua Iz Vizual Ride)
2. Jay Shepheard – Kuderski’s Groove
3. Ivan Enot & ArmanJazz – Message From Saint P (Instrumental)
4. Mikez – Let It Go (Marko Militano For Love’s Sake Dub)
5. Koyla – Wake With The Day (Osaze & Awaaz Freedom Dub)
6. Matt Prehn – Glow (Dub)
7. Adham & Hisham Zahran – Triplets (The Disclosure Project 4×4 Mix)
8. TJ Kong & Russ Gabriel Feat. Robert Owens – Celebration (Heavenly Dub)
9. Peven Everett – Sweetness Is (Jojo Flores & Rom Jamsteady Mix)
10. Dario LC – Before Kwich (Jay Tripwire Remix)
11. Phil Marwood – Mourning
12. JT Donaldson – Talk To Them
13. Mateo & Matos – Want U Tonight (Marc Cotterell Latenight Mix)
14. Ripperton – At Peace (i:cube Tape Mix)
15. April Hill – Today (J & J Soultempo’s Late Night Dub)
16. Raoul Khan – Thinking About You (Ross Couch Remix)
17. Ralph Session – The Search
18. Pete DaFeet – In Flux
19. Domsko – Hard Yards (Dub)
20. Tovar – Toro (Fer Ferrari Remix)
21. Roland Nights – Yellow (Original Mix)
22. Jeff Haze – Tranquil
23. Karu – They Call Me Back (Original Mix)


06 2011

Easy / 1997

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Click to listen or click here to download this mix!


For this month’s archive dig, I present to you ‘Easy’. I was still a simple yogi living up in the mountains, getting my inspiration from the starry skies and desert landscape. And if you listen carefully, you can hear the hints of the soon-to-come ‘Painting’ which was made just a few months later. These two mixes were definitely siblings, meandering through the halls of some smooth jazzy house. This is still one of my favorites to this day. So please enjoy this journey from the nostalgic 90s!


1. The Visionary – My Life Is Music (Bonus)
2. Wamdue Kids – Echoes & Instruments
3. The Beloved – Outer Space Girl
4. Stranger & C-Rell – Drum Whispers
5. Lithops – Wackler
6. Julius Papp
7. Global Communication – The Need
8. Aquanauts – Karma (Jazzy Mix)
9. …..
10. Black Fibre – You Can Lift Me Up
11. The Ram Project – Gonna Be Alright
12. E-Motion – Naughty North & Sexy South

1. Shades Of Black – You Know It
2. Vincent Floyd – Get Closer
3. Dirty Harry – Let The Music Play (Ad Lib Mix)
4. Shuffle Inc. Presents Rhythmical Movement – Don’t Wait (Ride The Feeling Mix)
5. Ferry Ultra Feat. Roy Ayers – Dangerous Vibes
6. M&S Presents The Guy Next Door – Deeper
7. City People – It’s All In The Groove
8. 95 North – Elevation
9. Azymuth – Jazz Carnival (Space Jazz Mix)
10. Deep Sensation – Get Together
11. Ferry Ultra – Dangerous Vibes
12. Mae-i – Sweet Melody


05 2011

ZenDaze II.5 / 2011

Our March ZenDaze event has been postponed because of the tragic events in northeastern Japan.  We are refocusing our creative energies for April and raising funds for relief efforts to help those in need.  I will also be donating all monetary contributions received via this blog for the month of April.  So if you’d like to help, use the Paypal link at the right.  All donations will go to Second Harvest Japan who physically deliver much needed food and supplies to the earthquake affected areas.  Let’s make a difference!

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DJ Megoopy
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04 2011

Nebu Soku – Destination: Tokyo

The aftermath of the recent Japan earthquake and tsunami brings to light the devastation in many northeastern coastal towns.  My friends Nebu Soku (Kai and Megumi) and Amenti Music (Olivier) will donate 100% of the proceeds of the sale of their most recent project Destination: Tokyo to disaster relief efforts.  You can help by purchasing this mix today at Beatport.

You can also make donations directly to the American Red Cross here.  Do what you can to help make a difference!



03 2011

Sea Wave Water Shake Earth / 2011

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An aural polaroid capturing the surreal atmospherics in Tokyo after the earthquake+tsunami+radiation trifecta.

Sea Wave Water Shake Earth

1. Planet Earth – Duran Duran
2. Twin & Earth – Dif Juz
3. Waves Become Wings – This Mortal Coil
4. Slow Water – Brian Eno
5. Sea, Swallow Me – Harold Budd & Cocteau Twins
6. On Earth – The Sundays
7. …In That Quiet Earth – Genesis
8. Wave – David Sylvian
9. Earthrise (Moon Mix) – Joshua Iz
10. Waves, Waves, Waves – M83
11. Underwater (The Dome Part I) – Worship
12. Shake – Bombers
13. Waterfalls – Mr. Fingers
14. Shake The Disease – Depeche Mode
15. Water Window – The Depriciation Guild
16. Underwater Lady – Kirstie Hawkshaw
17. The Waters Deep – Bent
18. Underwater Boy – Virna Lindt
19. Velvet Water – Stereolab
20. The Garden Of Earthly Delights (Ballistic Bario Boom) – D*Note
21. Earth (Gaia) – The Orb
22. Broad Waters/Oh. Our River Narew – Henryk Gorecki
23. Wind On Water – Fripp & Eno
24. Blackwater – Rain Tree Crow
25. Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) – The Jacksons

Total M Daze / 2011

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Some DJ Total M slow jamz…


1. Active Child – When Your Love Is Safe (Classixx Remix)
2. Matt Van Schie – Journey
3. Destroyer – Chinatown
4. All Tiny Creatures – An Iris
5. Röyksopp – Electric Counterpoint III. Fast (RYXP True To Original Edit)
6. Washed Out – New Theory
7. Twin Shadow – Yellow Balloon
8. Brusque Twins – Trapped In Corners
9. Glass Candy – Computer Love
10. Oh Land – White Nights (Twin Shadow Remix)
11. Professor Genius – Pegaso (Excerpt)
12. Gino Soccio – So Lonely (Debukas Edit)
13. Lake – Madagascar
14. Max Tundra – Lysine
15. The Great Mundane – The Hug Machine
16. Windsurf – Cracking The Tube
17. Cassie – Official Girl (CFCF Remix)
18. Eluvium – Crash Deconstructed

Reach & Pull / 2011

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Inspired by the party in Singapore as well as featured on Love Tempo Radio, on  Enjoy!


1. Funkyloco – Que Buena Cabrona
2. John Hawley – Back To The Biz
3, Iroko & Jerome Sydenham – Feel It
4. Guerilla Science – 2 Far Gone (Remix)
5. Lidell Townsell – Nu Nu (JM Brothers & Vicmoren Remix)
6. Spellband – Smooth Touch
7. Scott Wozniak – Te Necesito
8. Lurob – Feet On The Ground (Dub)
9. DJN Project feat. Freeway – Lady (Tee’s Inhouse Dub)
10. Jose Carretas – Guerrero (Drums With Bass)
11. Franck Roger – Let’s Go Down (Main Mix)
12. Mark Grant – Destination (I Can Take You There)(Beats Bahs & Vox)
13. Bettosun – Angels (BradElectro Remix)
14. DJ Man-X & Vick Lavender – Happy Endings (Frankie Feliciano Raw Vocal Remix)
15. Todd Omotani – “I Left My…”
16. Tom Special Interest – You Got Me
17. Sleazy McQueen – Your Love (Joshua’s Only Love Vocal)
18. Distant People feat. Chappell – Just Do It (Mr. V Moxa Club Dub)
19. Larry Peters – Spanglish (Dahaus Remix)
20. Reegroove – Streetz Ritual (Dub Mix)
21. Groove Collective – Everything Is Changing (Swag Dub)


02 2011

Can You Feel The Beat / 2011

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DJ Total M is at it again.  It’s a little bit sweet, a little bit street.  Another 80s ‘extended mix’ inspired collection to rock your box.  Happy Valentine’s Day!


1. Shannon – Let The Music Play (Remix)
2. Company B – Fascinated (Club Mix)
3. Starpoint – Object Of My Desire (12″ Mix)
4. The Cover Girls – Show Me (The Nest Mix)
5. Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam with Full Force – I Wonder If I Take You Home
6. Jody Watley – Don’t You Want Me (Dance Remix)
7. Pebbles – Mercedes Boy (Extended Mix)
8. Timex Social Club – Rumors
9. Pretty Poison – Catch Me I’m Falling (Vocal Remix)
10. Cherrelle – I Didn’t Mean To Turn You On
11. Janet Jackson – What Have You Done For Me Lately (Extended Mix)
12. New Kids On The Block – You’ve Got It (The Right Stuff) (12″ Version)
13. Samantha Fox – Naughty Girls (Need Love Too) (Ultimix)
14. Expose – Come Go With Me (Extended Mix)
15. Seduction – Two To Make It Right
16. Paula Abdul – Cold Hearted
17. Regina – Baby Love (Extended Version)
18. Alexander O’Neal – What’s Missing (Remix)
19. Princess – I’ll Keep On Loving You (Extended Mix)
20. The Human League – Love Is All That Matters (Extended Version)
21. Sylvester – Rock The Box
22. The Jets – Crush On You (Extended Version)
23. Nu Shooz – Point Of No Return (Extended Remix)
24. Wish featuring Fonda Rae – Touch Me (All Night Long)

ZenDaze / 2011

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Click to listen or click here to download this mix!


Here begins Zen.Daze.  Following in the footsteps of the Atmospheric Audio Chair parties, the resident DJs all spent time in the Midwest rave scene in the early 90s.  Here in Japan, we’ll take a modern approach to the day-chillout party and include indie pop, nu disco, classic dub/downtempo, of course 90s electronica, even krautrock and experimental jazz.  But above all, it’ll be a chance to have fun on a Sunday with friends and wind up the weekend.  Join us every last Sunday of the month at Bonobo!


01 2011

Kiku / 1997

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Click to listen or click here to download this mix!


Here’s my one and only adventure into the world of drum & bass.  I’m a fan of breakbeat, and at the time this was a well needed diversion from a long stint of house mixes.  Whenever I listen to this, I’m transported back to good old Deep Grooves in St. Louis where I acquired most of these records.  And I have to give that city props for providing me with some of my most unforgettable rave memories.  So from me to you, enjoy Kiku.  HAPPY NEW YEAR!


12 2010

R-20 @ Module, Tokyo / 2010

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A li’l aural excerpt from R-20 at Module.  Definitely one of the parties that makes my top 10 of 2010.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


1. Inland Knights & Da Sunlounge – Freak Out
2. NTFO – Adjective
3. Martin East Project – Forever More (Scott Wozniak Remix)
4. Mark Farina – That’s How (Ken EBC’s Fun With A Moog Mix)
5. Inland Knights – Broke
6. Li’l Mark – Vision To Kill Mainstream
7. The Mole – Oh My Stomach
8. Jerome Sydenham – Benevolent Red
9. Pablo Valera – Bomba
10. Phil Weeks – We The Brand
11. MVP – Music (Doza’s LCG Mix)
12. Systemfunk – Miles Apart
13. Mark Grant – Relax (Soul Acid Bounce Dub)
14. Jersey Maestros – Shine On (MuthaFunkin Light Of The World Mix)
15. Jerome Sydenham – Deep Fried
16. Joshua Iz feat. Diz – It Iz What It Iz (Joshua Iz Vizual Dub)
17. Kill Your TV – Can’t Get Enough
18. Refinery – Pantytime (Eric Sharp’s Rave Mix)
19. Vernon & DaCosta – Wishing
20. Nonfiction – Born A Killa (Gene Farris Remix)
21. Wally Callerio – Better Take 3
22. Kenny Dope – K-Warp
23. Shenoda – Departed (Wasted Chicago Youth Remix)
24. Quell – Army Of Lover (Miles Maeda Remix)


11 2010

No. 33 / 1994

Click here to play or click here to download this mix!


Click here to play or click here to download this mix!


We all love our techno, especially those hidden gems form the early 90s.  And not just the Detroit and Chicago varietals, but especially those vintage blends from the UK (I believe I made this mix just so I could include LFO’s ‘Syndrome’ on it).  Techno was branded as ‘intelligent’ back then, and who can deny that about Carl Craig, Mr. Fingers or The Black Dog?!  But as they say, they just don’t make music like they used to.  Sad but true.  So here for your enjoyment, a 90 min atypical-techno excursion, so aptly titled after what was my thirty-third ‘meltdown’ series endeavor.

No. 33

1. Wiwanyag Wachipi – I Don’t Want You (I Don’t Need You)
2. System 7 – Sirenes (Carl Craig Remix)
3. Psyche – From Beyond
4. Kenny Larkin – Catatonic (Stacey Pullen Remix)
5. Ghetto Brothers – Musik (FX Mix)
6. …..
7. LFO – Syndrome
8. …..
9. …..
10. M-D-Emm – Get Acidic
11. Mr. Fingers – Slam Dance
12. …..

1. …..
2. BFC – Evolution
3. Kenny Larkin – Catatonic (Carl Craig Remix)
4. …..
5. …..
6. Heychild – Heychild’s Theme
7. LFO – Nurture
8. …..
9. …..
10. Rhythim Is Rhythim – Icon
11. Sterac – Sitting On Clouds
12. I.A.O. – Clan (Mongol Hordes)


11 2010

Live @ TLS, Fort Collins / 2001

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Here we have a humble looking CD from of all places Fort Collins, CO.  Sometimes live recordings can seem lackluster and flat because you’re missing out on what it is – a live performance.  But this recording captures (surprisingly) the raw energy of the party and is something you can listen to over and over again.  Granted, when this was first released there were the “extra live” qualities of the needle skipping at least a few times because of people jumping on the stage.  So with a little friendly editing, here is a ~47 min. excursion from that evening.  It’s a party.  Enjoy!


09 2010

Nite Romantics / 2010

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After subjecting myself to obsessive amounts of Julian Mendelsohn, Martin Rushent and Jolley & Swain, I felt it important, nay imperative, to compile some personal ‘extended mix’ favorites.  Give it a listen with fresh ears and an open mind, the flame will at once be rekindled for those big booming drums, stuttered vocal samples, and dubby space-echoed synths.  Enjoy!

Nite Romantics

1. ABC – Ocean Blue (Atlantic Mix)
2. Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls (Dance Mix)
3. Duran Duran – Faith In This Colour
4. The Human League – You Remind Me Of Gold (Total M Vocal Dub Edit)
5. Depeche Mode – My Secret Garden
6. Eurhythmics – Love Is A Stranger
7. A Flock Of Seagulls – Wishing (If I Had A Photograph Of You)(Extended Version)
8. Talk Talk – It’s My Life (Extended Mix)
9. Go West – Eye To Eye (Horizontal Mix)
10. Scritti Politti – Absolute (Version)
11. Bananarama – Rough Justice (Extended Version)
12. Thompson Twins – Love On Your Side (Rap Boy Rap)
13. Japan – Life In Tokyo (Disco Mix)
14. Tears For Fears – Pale Shelter (Long Version)
15. New Order – Thieves Like Us (Instrumental)
16. Psychedelic Furs – Heartbreak Beat (Extended Mix)
17. Kajagoogoo – Hang On Now (Extended Version)


07 2010

Change & Transformation / 1994

Click to play or click here to download this mix!


Click to play or click here to download this mix!


Back in 1993, before the Detroit Electronic Music Festival and Movement there was World Party; a mega-event at the Joe Lewis arena in downtown Detroit in which the AAC collective were most lucky to participate.  It featured possibly the most legendary Detroit line-up one could ever hope for: Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May, Carl Craig, Richie Hawtin, Inner City live, D Wynn…  Unfortunately it was not well organized, well equipped or well attended.  But whatever energy World Party lacked, the after-party certainly made up for it (D Wynn definitely stole the show).  This entire experience, beginning to end, was resuscitated and resurrected, becoming this very mix I present before you.

For your listening pleasure, as side 1 begins with the haunting blips and bleeps of Model 500, just imagine standing in the cavernous lobby at the ‘ambient stage’ (two tables in front of some vinyl covered booths next to the soda and popcorn vendors) with Richie Hawtin on one side, Mike Huckaby on the other, and you will be instantly transported to the original Detroit Electronic Music Festival.  Enjoy!

Change & Transformation

1. Model 500 – The Passage
2. …….
3. …….
4. Fugue – Interlagos
5. Tomas – Mind Song
6. …….
7. The Higher Intelligence Agency – Selenite
8. GAK – GAK 1
9. Speedy J – The FUN Equations
10. The Black Dog – Tactile
11. Kenny Larkin – Colonize
12. Paperclip People – Remake

1. Kenny Larkin – Track
2. …….
3. …….
4. …….
5. Richard H. Kirk
6. …….
7. Esser’ay – Forces (Carl Craig’s Mix)
8. …….
9. Robert Hood – Rhythm
10. …….
11. The Black Dog – Erb


05 2010

Isness / 1995

Click to play or click here to download this mix!


Click to play or click here to download this mix!


Yes, the mix you have all been patiently waiting for is finally here, remastered and ready for another trip around the block.  Savor it as you would any fine vintage.  Enjoy-ness!


1. Model 500 – Starlight
2. Vital Signs feat. Ulysses – Love Wonder (Fiasco Fusion Mix)
3. Tommye – I Need To Go Away (Principle Theory Version)
4. …..
5. Titiyo – Tell Me (I’m Not Dreaming)(12″ Dub)
6. Captain Hollywood Project – All I Want (MK Dub)
7. …..
8. Lectroluv – If We Try (Ambient Vocal Mix)
9. Moods – A Feeling (Deep Feeling)
10. Home-Grown – How Does It Make You Feel
11. Mood II Swing – Sunlight In My Eyes
12. “Little” Louie & Marc Anthony – Ride On The Rhythm (The Ride)

1. Basement Jaxx – Paradise
2. Mike Delgado – Inside My Soul
3. Tri – We Got The Love (Dub Mix)
4. Moraes feat. The Peacemakers – For Love And Peace
5. Hot Lizard – The Theme
6. …..
7. Phil Asher – B-Boys (Breaks Mix)
8. Cabana – Bailando Con Lobos (Goodmen Fruit Mix)
9. Brian Transeau – Relativity (Deep Dish Remix)
10. St. Germain – Alabama Blues
11. Crime – Flight In 2 Fantasy


04 2010

The Glamorous Life / 2010

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A special treat for the Total M fans.  Get it while it’s hot, hot, hot!

The Glamorous Life

1. Marius – Jet Set (Ray Mang Bonus Beats)
2. Surround Sounds – Beyond The Dance (Total M Revenge Rework)
3. Madrid – Iron Ways (Bit Funk Remix)
4. Web Queawry – Searching
5. Ilija Rudman – Call Me Tonight (The Revenge 1-800-Mix)
6. Frank Solano – Get My Lovin’
7. Helsinki 78-82 – So Lifelike
8. Penguin Prison – A Funny Thing (Monarchy Remix)
9. Midnight Club – Hot Space
10. Dadahack – Hello
11. Classixx – I’ll Get You
12. Priors – What You Need (Grum Remix)
13. Sean Roman – Lick
14. Empire Of The Sun – Walking On A Dream (Treasure Fingers Remix)
15. Bit Funk – Love Scientific
16. Justin Faust – Holdin’ On
17. Röyksopp – Happy Up Here (Breakbot Remix)


03 2010

Meltdown 15 / 1992

Click to listen or click here to download this mix!


Click to listen or click here to download this mix!


Delving once again into the Meltdown series, this breakbeat gem adventures heavily into the dub and reggae influenced tracks which eventually evolved into ‘jungle’.  This was when you could clearly hear the differentiation from the house/techno inspired breakbeats.  Ah, the memories…back when raves were fun.  Enjoy this little time capsule of UK rydims.

Meltdown 15

1. Rhythm Section – Perfect Love 2am
2. Force Mass Motion – V.N.E.
3. 2 Bad Mice – Hold It Down (Remix)
4. Urban Shakedown – Some Justice
5. DJ Scoobie – King Basshead!
6. Nick O.D. – Jazzy Hardcore
7. Phuture Assassins – Future Sound
8. Krome & Time – Sound Is For The Underground
9. DMS – Vengeance
10. Projet 1 – Roughneck
11. Manix – Try To Love Me

1. Criminal Minds – A Vision Of Dread
2. 2 Da Core – Love Thy Brother
3. 2 Bad Mice – Drumscare
4. Krome & Time – Manic Stampede
5. Phuture Assassins – Rydim Come Forward
6. Nu-Matic – It’s Strange (Dances Are Changin’)
7. Nick O.D. – Ruff Dub
8. Criminal Minds – Presence
9. Project 1 – Can’t Take The Heartbreak
10. Younghead – Bad Bad Man
11. 2 Bad Mice – Bomb Scare (Remix)


03 2010

Atmospheric Audio Chair / 2010

Click to play or click here to download this mix!


We continue the new year with another reunification of the Atmospheric Audio Chair collective, direct from the tundra of wintery Chicago.  Here is presented a generous collection of canorous compositions which spans the gamut from YMO to MBV to M83.  Perfect for studying for exams, babysitting the neighbor’s kids, and a great conversation starter at dinner parties.  Enjoy!

Atmospheric Audio Chair / 2010

1. Yellow Magic Orchestra – Silence Of Time
2. My Bloody Valentine – Instrumental B
3. Panda Bear – I’m Not
4. Steve Jansen & Richard Barbieri – One More Zombie
5. Robert Fripp – Midnight Blue
6. Pieter Nooten & Michael Brook – Several Times I
7. Midnight Juggernauts – Shadows (M83 Remix)
8. Future Sound Of London – Papua New Guinea (Blue States Full Length Mix)
9. Crisopa – Algo Cián
10. Bliss – Life On The Rooftop
11. Schlomo – 7am
12. Depeche Mode – Any Second Now (Tranquility Bass)
13. Front 242 – Sample D (Aerial Version)
14. The Human League – Toyota City
15. Steve Reich – Tokyo/Vermont Counterpoint
16. Ryonkt – Gray Sky
17. Rheingold – Überblendung
18. Slowdive – Moussaka Chaos
19. Summer Camp – I Only Have Eyes For You
20. Colourbox – Tarantula
21. Swallow – Peekaboo (Dub)
22. A Shoreline Dream – The Barrier
23. Primal Scream – Higher Than The Sun (Andrew Weatheral Mix)
24. Yellow Magic Orchestra – Loom
25. Hammock – Gold Star Mothers
26. Brian Eno – Spider And I


02 2010