Easy / 1997

Click to listen or click here to download this mix!


Click to listen or click here to download this mix!


For this month’s archive dig, I present to you ‘Easy’. I was still a simple yogi living up in the mountains, getting my inspiration from the starry skies and desert landscape. And if you listen carefully, you can hear the hints of the soon-to-come ‘Painting’ which was made just a few months later. These two mixes were definitely siblings, meandering through the halls of some smooth jazzy house. This is still one of my favorites to this day. So please enjoy this journey from the nostalgic 90s!


1. The Visionary – My Life Is Music (Bonus)
2. Wamdue Kids – Echoes & Instruments
3. The Beloved – Outer Space Girl
4. Stranger & C-Rell – Drum Whispers
5. Lithops – Wackler
6. Julius Papp
7. Global Communication – The Need
8. Aquanauts – Karma (Jazzy Mix)
9. …..
10. Black Fibre – You Can Lift Me Up
11. The Ram Project – Gonna Be Alright
12. E-Motion – Naughty North & Sexy South

1. Shades Of Black – You Know It
2. Vincent Floyd – Get Closer
3. Dirty Harry – Let The Music Play (Ad Lib Mix)
4. Shuffle Inc. Presents Rhythmical Movement – Don’t Wait (Ride The Feeling Mix)
5. Ferry Ultra Feat. Roy Ayers – Dangerous Vibes
6. M&S Presents The Guy Next Door – Deeper
7. City People – It’s All In The Groove
8. 95 North – Elevation
9. Azymuth – Jazz Carnival (Space Jazz Mix)
10. Deep Sensation – Get Together
11. Ferry Ultra – Dangerous Vibes
12. Mae-i – Sweet Melody

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  1. Ryan Atkins #


  2. mkw #

    what i glorius mix – i remember downloading from napster in the late 90s – from the naughty north to the sexy south (curious to whether that sample came from adam and the ants ‘ant rap’

    a truly masterful house set (easy a perfect title)
    cheers miles

  3. 3

    Wow, happy feelings!! Could you tell me the second track on Side B with the guitar, piano, sax riff, and female vocal sample?? Groovy!

  4. 4

    another “finally” !

  5. bhbognar #

    Thanks for posting this—I remember buying this cassette (which I still have!) from Deep Grooves in St. Louis, back when I was in college, and when that record store still existed. Fast forward about a decade and a half, and I’m still listening to this in Tokyo, where I live now. It’s that tape that got me into deep house, along with “Painting.” I went on to buy a whole slew of your tapes from that time, and I played them to no end. Thank you thank you thank you!

  6. vince #

    thanks for posting this great mix. Any chance for a tracklist ? i’ve been guessin for too long 🙂

  7. MilesMaeda #

    Track list up…!

  8. michael passmore #

    hi miles.

    thanks for the beautiful music. i recently sent a message to you on soundcloud with a question. if you get a chance, take a peek and please let me know your thoughts on the subject…

    hope all is unfolding gracefully around you. :>)

  9. Christian Clark #

    Miles, this is such a fine piece of work, it still almost brings me to tears of joy. It’s silky, smooth and sexy groove has gotten me through some seriously rough places. Thank you for the mix and the music. <3

  10. Jason Deen #

    My favorite mix of yours from back when . . .

  11. vince #

    thx for the tlist sir! helpful ! gutted you left a blank on A9 tho 🙂

    A 11 is “ram project” on mtg

    nice one!

  12. MilesMaeda #

    ah yes, thank you for the Larry Heard id. still figuring out A9…

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