Peaceably So / 1998

Peaceably So

Click to play or click here to download this mix!


Click to play or click here to download this mix!


More late 80s/early 90s Chicago, Detroit, New York, UK house.  I think this was the first mixtape put out by Champion Sound in San Diego (they released all the ones up to the ‘Blessings’ mix).  It’s yet another trip down house music memory lane, an era I frequently revisit.  Good times!

Peaceably So

1. Saint Etienne – Stoned To Say The Least
2. ESP – It’s You
3. Electribe 101 – Talking With Myself
4. Baby Ford – Ford Trax
5. DSR – Trust City
6. John Davis & The Monster Orchestra – Feel The Love Magic
7. Jungle Wonz – Time Marches On
8. Tech Trax Inc. – Feel The Love
9. Quartz – Meltdown II
10. Mr. Fingers – Mystery Of Love
11. Nightmares On Wax – I’m For Real
12. Frankie Knuckles presents Satoshi Tomiie – Tears

1. Tom Tom Club – Sunshine And Ecstasy (Feel My Heartbeat)
2. Simply Red – Something Got Me Started
3. Kym Sims – Take My Advice
4. D Mob – That’s The Way Of The World
5. Tasty Treats – Got To Believe
6. Blacksmith – Get Back To Love
7. Electribe 101 – Electribal Memories
8. Eddie Flashin’ Fowlkes – Mr. E
9. Mr. Fingers – What About This Love?
10. Sounds Of Blackness – The Pressure
11. Nightmover – Agua De Beber (Di Ba Da)
12. 808 State – Cobra-Bora (Shortcut)

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  1. 1

    Love it Miles!

  2. Dustin Kirk #

    Man this is a great tape. This tape lived in my car for years. I lost the tape in a house flood, along with many others. Thanks so much for posting this. Four minutes in on Side 1 is the best.

  3. 3

    Miles – this is a gift. Thank you.

  4. 4

    Thanks again Miles!! You are honestly the best DJ I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and listening to. Every tape or Cd is a work of art in itself. No other DJ can craft a flowing story like you can thru your music (and we have some serious contenders in the old chicago scene). Hope to see you in japan soon (it’s been far to long). Miss ya brother.

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