Cosmic Disco Evolution / 1993

Cosmic Disco Evolution

Click to play or click here to download this mix!


Click to play or click here to download this mix!


For this archive dig, we venture into the sounds that fueled the Midwest raves’ remotest barns, farms and fields back in the early 90s. This mix is all about the new at the time UK progressive house sound. I sometimes can’t help but cringe when I hear mixes from this era, but they do bring back some unforgettable memories. So here we begin our time travel back to 1993 where we can relive where we were, who we were with, and most importantly what we were wearing. Enjoy!

Cosmic Disco Evolution

1. Outer Mind – I Still Want Ya
2. X-press 2 – Musik Xpress
3. Known Chic – Carnival
4. Todd Terry presents Sound Design – Searchin’
5. Sub-Culture – Dreams
6. Dawn – Heaven
7. D.O.P. – Oh Yeah
8. Doi-ing – Chunky
9. Outrage – Drives Me Crazy
10. Mighty Dub Cats – Super Disco
11. Bobby Konders – Bad Boy Dance
12. Jump – Funkatarium
13. Instant Exposure – I Need A Little More

1. First Contact – Byzantium Flow
2. Lemon Interrupt – Dirty
3. Whoosh – Sometimes
4. Jaydee – Plastic Dreams
5. Trancemasters – Trance Theme
6. Joey Beltram – The Reflex
7. E3 – E3
8. So-Low – The Hourglass
9. Leftfield – Song Of Life
10. Nico – Darkstar
11. Truth – Emotional
12. Meat Beat Manifesto – Mindstream
13. Cosmic Baby – Sweet Dreams For Kaa

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  1. Jim Jupiter #

    I had this tape! It was ruined in a flood. Glad to have it back.

  2. serendipity-doo-da #

    Don’t cringe, this is one of the most seamless mixes I ever heard, one of my favorite, and got me through many, many, a dark night.

  3. Paul Darling #

    This tape was a hey-day for me. Flawless mixing. Very soft touch on the vinyl. All the hits were here and none were too overwhelming. I can tell you 15 stories about where I was in my car and what was happening while this tape was playing. Thank you!

  4. pil sen #

    Listned to this tape a lot back in the 90s in Acapulco. Made great beach music.

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