Change & Transformation / 1994

Click to play or click here to download this mix!


Click to play or click here to download this mix!


Back in 1993, before the Detroit Electronic Music Festival and Movement there was World Party; a mega-event at the Joe Lewis arena in downtown Detroit in which the AAC collective were most lucky to participate.  It featured possibly the most legendary Detroit line-up one could ever hope for: Juan Atkins, Kevin Saunderson, Derrick May, Carl Craig, Richie Hawtin, Inner City live, D Wynn…  Unfortunately it was not well organized, well equipped or well attended.  But whatever energy World Party lacked, the after-party certainly made up for it (D Wynn definitely stole the show).  This entire experience, beginning to end, was resuscitated and resurrected, becoming this very mix I present before you.

For your listening pleasure, as side 1 begins with the haunting blips and bleeps of Model 500, just imagine standing in the cavernous lobby at the ‘ambient stage’ (two tables in front of some vinyl covered booths next to the soda and popcorn vendors) with Richie Hawtin on one side, Mike Huckaby on the other, and you will be instantly transported to the original Detroit Electronic Music Festival.  Enjoy!

Change & Transformation

1. Model 500 – The Passage
2. …….
3. …….
4. Fugue – Interlagos
5. Tomas – Mind Song
6. …….
7. The Higher Intelligence Agency – Selenite
8. GAK – GAK 1
9. Speedy J – The FUN Equations
10. The Black Dog – Tactile
11. Kenny Larkin – Colonize
12. Paperclip People – Remake

1. Kenny Larkin – Track
2. …….
3. …….
4. …….
5. Richard H. Kirk
6. …….
7. Esser’ay – Forces (Carl Craig’s Mix)
8. …….
9. Robert Hood – Rhythm
10. …….
11. The Black Dog – Erb

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  1. JG #

    I’ve played two cassettes of this recording into dust (literally hundreds of times) and didn’t know what I was going to do to replace it.
    This music is medicine to me. It showed me the existence of love and goodness in the world and was one of the main elements that brought me to a spiritual place. You couldn’t have picked a better name for this masterpiece. It has been working for the last 16 years.
    Hope to hear you again in CHI this summer,


  2. Pericles #

    Never heard this one before. Lost No.33 a while back and cant wait till that’s posted, but what a surprise this is!
    You’re doing a real service in providing this site and preserving these original mixes as all our cassettes are now worn out.
    Thanks Miles!

  3. 3

    Finally! I got this when it can out at gramaphone back in 94 on that infamous wall of tapes. I never caught the name just that it was one of yours was enough to buy it. I still have my copy and never got around converting it to mp3. Thank you for sharing these classic’s with us!

  4. AB #

    Hey Miles, long time… had this for a while but now only have “Everyday life” left, which I still love too.

    I have some hints about track IDs, only one definite one though:

    Side 1:

    I’m pretty sure #2 is by Future Sound of London, sounds like a remix of Omnipresence or something else of the Lifeforms period.

    #3 sounds Orb-ish but they were highly imitated so…

    #4 sounds like something off the Likemind label like Nuron or Kirk DeGiorgio or some other early 90s UK IDM

    Side 2:

    # 3 Sounds like an old UR track, but it UR was highly imitated so…

    The Black Dog track is “Erb” from Parallel

  5. AB #

    follow up — Side 2, #2 def sounds like early St. Germain, maybe off of Nuages EP.

  6. Ria 'Mowgli' #


  7. AB #

    just checked and Side 1 #4 is off Likemind — and it’s by Nuron (under the name Fugue)

  8. MilesMaeda #

    Thanks for the Erb and Fugue!

  9. AB #

    you’re welcome! glad to help

  10. Sam #

    This tape didn’t leave my car’s tape deck for the first half of 1995. I am so glad to have found this. Just as beautiful now as it was 17 years ago…

  11. 11

    Hi Miles,

    Just a quick thank you for this mix. I’m stoked to see you’ve archived all this and are sharing with folks today. I got this at Gramophone at the time, and played and copied this tape for countless others over the years.

    A true inspiration.

    Joshua Kit Clayton

  12. 12

    Thank you! I went to the trouble of digitizing my nth-generation hissy cassette copy (could possibly trace its lineage to you, Josh. Rene passed me a copy.) Nice to replace with a remastered clean version!

  13. 13

    I’m fairly sure side 1 #2 is not FSOL. I stumbled on it in my friend’s crate back in the 90s but I can’t remember the artist now. Actually, I ended up here because I’ve been trying to ID that track and there’s a hole in my memory.

  14. jeremy asano #

    Like it has for so many, this mix made a huge mark on my life.

    Ten grams, could not move
    Enormous soundscape journey
    Arrigato Maeda-san

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