No. 33 / 1994

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Click here to play or click here to download this mix!


We all love our techno, especially those hidden gems form the early 90s.  And not just the Detroit and Chicago varietals, but especially those vintage blends from the UK (I believe I made this mix just so I could include LFO’s ‘Syndrome’ on it).  Techno was branded as ‘intelligent’ back then, and who can deny that about Carl Craig, Mr. Fingers or The Black Dog?!  But as they say, they just don’t make music like they used to.  Sad but true.  So here for your enjoyment, a 90 min atypical-techno excursion, so aptly titled after what was my thirty-third ‘meltdown’ series endeavor.

No. 33

1. Wiwanyag Wachipi – I Don’t Want You (I Don’t Need You)
2. System 7 – Sirenes (Carl Craig Remix)
3. Psyche – From Beyond
4. Kenny Larkin – Catatonic (Stacey Pullen Remix)
5. Ghetto Brothers – Musik (FX Mix)
6. …..
7. LFO – Syndrome
8. …..
9. …..
10. M-D-Emm – Get Acidic
11. Mr. Fingers – Slam Dance
12. …..

1. …..
2. BFC – Evolution
3. Kenny Larkin – Catatonic (Carl Craig Remix)
4. …..
5. …..
6. Heychild – Heychild’s Theme
7. LFO – Nurture
8. …..
9. …..
10. Rhythim Is Rhythim – Icon
11. Sterac – Sitting On Clouds
12. I.A.O. – Clan (Mongol Hordes)

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  1. 1

    Thanks Miles!!! Love this.

  2. Tony #

    Love this site keep them coming great listen brings back the memories from the good old days when life was simple and exciting

  3. kenna devere #

    I still have my original mix tape that I listen to along with all of your others. I owe a great thanks to them(the tapes) for getting me through some rough times. Your music is timeless Miles.
    And more than that, you offered some wisdom to me many years ago. It was definitely NOT lost on me. You single handed-ly transformed parts of me- the good parts- with like 3 things that you said to me. I will never forget you for that. I thank you deeply and sincerely for that.
    Tread Lightly,

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