Done And Done / 1995

done and done

Click to play or click here to download this mix!


Click to play or click here to download this mix!


Exuding a sunny disco-inspired temperament, this is a Summertime favorite of mine. It captures the sumptuous mid-90s creations of the likes of Moodyman, Carl Craig, Masters At Work, Theo Parrish, and Rob Mello. Many speculated that the title inferred my retirement as a DJ. Maybe it was simply a cheeky Simpsons reference… Whichever the case, it’s here remastered for everyone to revisit and enjoy.

Done And Done

1. Nature Boys – Awake (Batamania Mix)
2. Kingdom Come – Jungle Bliss
3. Aqua Bassino – Wanna Dance
4. Mike Delgado – My State Of Mind
5. Brand New Heavies – Close To You (MAW Mood Dub)
6. Jonny L – This Time (Carl Craig Mix)
7. Johnny D & Nicky P – Twice Loved (Henry St. Anthem)
8. Fresh & Low – Interlude
9. Clatterbox
10. …
11. JohNick – Tales Of Jerry Morbid
12. Atlantic Fusion – Don’t Fail Me Now
13. Nyles Arrington – Flute Song
14. Blaze – Funky Music
15. Braxton Holmes – O Sometimes
16. Flexitone – The Pulse Of Evolution

1. Ratcliffe – Back To The City
2. Disco Elements – So Warm Inside (I’m Burning Up)
3. Norma Jean Bell – I Like The Things You Do For Me (Moodyman Mix)
4. Funkshun – All I Want (Boogie Mix)
5. GU – Take Me Back
6. Theo Parrish – Lake Shore Drive
7. Jump Cutz
8. Nick Jones
9. Kenny Dixon Jr. – Don’t You Want My Love
10. DJ Food – Peace
11. …
12. AWeX – It’s Our Future (Blake Baxter’s House Mix)
13. Prince – Erotic City
14. Mood II Swing – Function

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  1. michael #

    Side 2 is bringing back so many memories! i still consider to this day that 1994/95 was one of the best era’s for house music, and this mix takes me back to the warehouse jams and random loft parties that I attended back then.

    killer, killer tunage good sir. thanks heaps for posting this one. in a word,


  2. 2

    Thank you so much for posting this, all of these really but especially this tape! This is one of my all time favorite house mixtapes back in the day. Honestly this, 1 Paul Johnson tape (I’m back Jack) and a Derrick Carter tape I never knew the name of had been rerecorded and spliced back together so many times I can’t believe they still played. thank you for helping to shape my musical landscape for the next decade!

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