A La Peanut Budder Sandwiches / 1995

a la peanut budder sandwiches

Click to play or click here to download this mix!


Click to play or click here to download this mix!


In the spirit of our recent Atmospheric Audio Chair show in Chicago, I’m inspired to share more of the intelligent/ambient electronica of the 90’s.  And as it is the end of Summer, I feel the mood is apropos.  This mix is part of a quadrilogy which includes ‘Star‘, ‘Eve ryd al if e‘, and the ‘The Golden Age’.  No multitrack recording involved, just simply two turntables and a VCR for the ‘Killing Zoe’ bits.  So enjoy this original 90 minute version of the Amazing Mumford’s magical incantation, complete with the original Craig Hanke artwork.

A La Peanut Budder Sandwiches

1. Beach Flea – Stegosaurus
2. Nightmares On Wax – Back In Time
3. Massive Attack vs Mad Professor – Backward Sucking
4. The Black Dog – Raxmus/Bolt 1
5. St. Etienne – Western Wind/Tankerville
6. Massive Attack vs Mad Professor – Moving Dub
7. Closer – Rites Of Spring
8. Sub Dub – Babylon Unite Pt. II
9. Hemp Ricks – Feedback
10. Sapien – Gato De Oro (Original Rockers Mix)
11. Ultramarine – Discovery

1. Sandals – Open
2. Villa America – Highway (Original Rockers Mix)
3. Spin Kids – On & On
4. Palm Skin Prod. – Slipper Suite
5. Coco, Steel & Lovebomb – Harlem
6. UNKLE – Sassafras (Plaid Mix)
7. Control Freaks – The Coup Is This
8. Original Rockers – What A Life
9. Beach Flea – F For Fake
10. Ultramarine – Hooter
11. Transglobal Underground – Temple Head
12. Masters At Work – Justa “Li’l” Dope

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  1. Paul Darling #

    As a guy who owns almost every mix from Bliss to “Stand Right, Walk Left”, this is one of my favorite. Perfectly mixed and well chosen tracks.

  2. david #

    This is a CLASSIC mix. People still talk about this one in hushed tones.

  3. Tyrel #

    One of my favorite mixes ever!!

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